Alabama umbrella Fishing Rigs: Legal in Minnesota? Updated 2023

Is The Alabama Rig or other castable umbrella rigs legal  in Minnesota? The short answer, no, but rigs with 5 attractors and only 1 hook are legal. Source: Minnesota Alabama (Umbrella/Yumbrella) Rig

Minnesota DNR News 3/13/20121 (Updated: 10/21/2023)

Minnesota DNR has been fielding questions from anglers wondering if the Alabama Fishing Rig (also know as a Yumbrella or castable umbrella rig) is legal to use in this state. The answer? Not the configuration as it is commonly promoted and sold. However, a rig would be legal if not more than one hook or artificial lure/bait is attached. An angler then could place hookless spinners or plastic baits to the other wires.

The Alabama/Yumbrella rigs are different than using a single lure with multiple treble hooks that is designed to catch just one fish. Instead, the Alabama/Yumbrella rigs are artificial lure/baits that involve many separate lures/baits attached via wires to a fishing line. Consequently, these rigs are not a single artificial bait/lure, rather a collection of multiple artificial lures/baits each capable of catching a fish. In the water, the rigs simulate a small school of bait fish and You-tube videos show anglers catching two and even three largemouth bass on an Alabama/Yumbrella rig at the same time.

Minnesota law restricts anglers fishing in inland waters and the Canadian border waters to one artificial lure/bait on a single line.* While each artificial lure/bait may have more than one hook (example, a crankbait), still only one lure or tackle configuration is allowed.

*Border Waters Exceptions

Note: Two lines and two lures/baits are allowed on our border waters with Wisconsin, Iowa, and the Dakotas. However, you would not be allowed to fish with any other lines at the same time if two hooks, baits or lures are attached to these rigs.

View Current Minnesota Fishing Regulations

See current Minnesota fishing regulations for a description of legal tackle and configurations.

1 Always make sure you get the latest fishing guide regulations directly from the state or province you plan to fish in as regulations are subject to change without notice on Though we attempt to get an official up-to-date response we cannot guaranty we have the latest correct and complete regulations including all exceptions.

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