Michigan DNR says up to 6 hooks legal for umbrella rigs

AlabamaRig.com has confirmed with Lansing Michigan DNR Fisheries and Law Enforcement Divisions that castable umbrella rigs like The Alabama Rig are legal in Michigan using up to 6 hooks. We talked to Fisheries personnel in the chief’s office and then verified with Sergeant Wood in the Law Enforcement Division in Lansing to confirm this information.

In a related topic that some anglers have discussed on the Internet, GreatLakesBass.com asked Sergeant Wood what the legal issues were if an angler fishing Michigan waters already has a limit of bass in the livewell and then hooked two or more bass on a castable umbrella rig? Sgt. Wood stated it would technically be a violation of Michigan regulations but he expected most Conservation Officers in most situations would use discretion. Especially if the angler made an obvious, visible attempt to cull back down to the legal limit as quickly as possible.

Many anglers do not know that after you catch your limit in your possession Рlivewell, stringer, etc., it is technically illegal in Michigan to target that fish anymore that day. This is a longstanding regulation though it has not been enforced as a similar regulation in Wisconsin was. Wisconsin passed an exception in May 2011 to allow culling in catch and release bass tournaments. The Michigan DNR has shown welcome discretion in allowing tournament participants to cull bass.

Though AlabamaRig.com tries to go the extra mile on sources when providing this type of information to you, we cannot guaranty this information after it is printed. You should always check the latest regulations for any state, province or country you plan to fish in before heading out on the water. Remember local exceptions or special regulations on specially designated waters may apply. Please consult the Michigan DNR Fishing website and the latest Fishing Guide for the most up-to-date regulation summaries.

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