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Top Castable Umbrella Rigs for Bass

Top Alabama Rigs Castable Umbrella Rigs for bass fishing

This is the one that started it all! The Mann's Slick Lures Alabama Rig is the rig that Paul Elias [...]

The Amazon Rig for Peacock Bass

The Amazon Rig I called my castable umbrella rig after a week of crushing singles and doubles on peacock bass!

I was very fortunate to start a new adventure with Ron Speed Jr's Adventures peacock bass fishing the mighty Rio [...]

Michigan DNR says up to 6 hooks legal for umbrella rigs

Michigan Castable Umbrella Rig regulations information has confirmed with Lansing Michigan DNR Fisheries and Law Enforcement Divisions that castable umbrella rigs like The Alabama Rig [...]

Illinois DNR clarifies Alabama Umbrella Rig Regulations

Illinois Castable Umbrella Rig regulations information

The new Alabama rig is sweeping the nation, raising questions by anglers regarding its legality. The Illinois DNR legal staff, [...]

Modified Two-Hook Alabama Rig Meets Iowa Fishing Laws

Iowa Castable Umbrella Rig regulations information

A new fishing lure may be catching more anglers than fish and is generating quite a buzz on message boards [...]

Alabama umbrella Fishing Rigs: Legal in Minnesota? Updated 2023

Minnesota Castable Umbrella Rig regulations information

Is The Alabama Rig or other castable umbrella rigs legal in Minnesota? The short answer, no, but rigs with [...]

Four hooks legal fishing the Alabama Rig in Ontario

Ontario Castable Umbrella Rig regulations information

Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources provided this regulation clarification pertaining to the use of Alabama/ castable umbrella rigs stating you [...]

Indiana DNR Allows Three Hooks on Umbrella Rigs

Indiana Castable Umbrella Rig regulations information

Effective May 24, 2013, under a new Indiana Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) rule, an umbrella rig, like the Alabama [...]

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